Phil Penny
Phil Penny
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I'm Phil Penny.
I'll help you provide a
sublime user experience.

Branding, websites, apps, or advice.
Whatever you need,
Get in touch.

Design. All kinds.

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Isoman Anvil, July 2016

Boosting local trade
and awareness.

Because google isn't always
the right place to look.

Trade locally.

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carbon candy logo

We cut your designs,
We 3D print your parts.

Carbon Candy.

Our knowledge of advanced
composite materials allows us to
create precision parts in-house.

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a ‘web presence’
is all you really need.

Lightweight, fast, responsive sites
focus on information delivery and
minimal maintenance costs, whilst
representing your brand perfectly.

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bromsgrove engine services visual
didlr logo

Like Twitter,
with pictures.

A social network startup
that sustained ¼ million users.

Draw, share.

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super easy event planning
with a submline UX.

Palendar. Coming soon.

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A note on UX.

UX design is the process of combining
research, strategy and design
to deliver a product
focused on the user's needs.

UX exists across the entire lifecycle of product development, from initial stakeholder meetings, to understanding users and detailing their journeys, to wireframing and fully rendering final views, to launching your product and iterating on it. A great user experience needs the attention and understanding of the entire team.

UX is everything.


Whether you have an existing identity
that just needs tightening up a little;
or you need a complete rebrand.
I can provide all necessary imagery,
files and guidelines for all applications.

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Mobile Appsright arrow

c.2014: A selection of apps I designed
and helped build, with a focus on UX.

Mobile Webright arrow

c.2012: I am an expert in mobile design,
having worked with the largest brands in the world on their flagship sites.

Vehicle Wrapsright arrow

c.2009: A selection of vehicle wraps I designed,
produced and applied during my time in the print industry.


A little about me

I began my career working in print,
honing my typographic and layout skills
and understanding of design fundamentals.

With the dawn of the mobile internet,
I focused on digital design and UX,
providing training and hands-on design skills
to startups and global clients
drawing on over a decade of professional experience.

Iceland world record attempt, July 2015