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F1 Driver Fitness

Compare yourself
to an F1 driver.

An on-site experience for race goers,
first launched at the 2017
United States Grand Prix.

An interactive exhibit allowing race-goers to undertake tests and compare themselves to an avergae F1 driver.

I created all visuals and assets for this exhibition. Users are first subjected to body measurements, before undertaking a lung-capacity test on a static bicycle. Next they are sat in a race simulator to perform a measured reactions test. Finally, then can view their statistics and see how they compare against those of an F1 driver.


Written text was purposefully limited to avoid the overhead of translating into various languages. The registration process also had to account for a required e-signature by the participant, along with a check that they were old enough to take part.

The initial screen presented to users once they begin app interaction.


The logo was drawn in didlr itself. Logoception, if you will.

A common start point was required to allow the operator(s) to select the correct participant for their pahase of the experience. It needed to give user state based on their completion details and current situation. Operator screens were given a different scheme to those for users so it could easily be determined if users had accessed the wrong parts of the app.

The common experience start for all phases of the app.

Display variation

The experience would be consumed over various different displays; the operators each had an iPad, but the user would see graphics on the simulator screens and portrait HD TV's in the results booth.

The reaction test view seen by the user.
The results screen which would also be accessible on the internet.

Hotspot feature

I was also asked to design an interactive screen featuring driver images with hotspots over various body parts, providing further information to the user.

The hotspot screen with a feature selected.

The exhibition is set to be extended further during the 2018 F1 season.