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A cross-platform social network startup

Best described as "Twitter with pictures", Didlr is an online social network that allows users to draw and share 'didls'.

I was lead designer from day one on this startup, which at it's peak boasted over a quarter of a million active users as well as apps on all platforms—iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and web. WPCentral have recognised Didlr as being one of the best apps on the Windows 8 platform.

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App Design

After studying their existing apps, I helped Kabbee—a private taxi booking service in London—create a much more streamlined flow for Windows Phone that could be adopted by the other platforms should it prove successful.

The Windows Phone userbase is an ideal audience to experiment with new user experiences since they account for a minority of users, on a platform with a very different style. Once the UX was finalised, I ensured the app was consistent with Windows modern UI and built out a full set of visuals, followed by coding the front end. Kabbee were delighted with their new app which launched in June 2014.

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Student Beans ID

App Design

Student Beans needed an app for Windows Phone to complement their existing android and iOS apps.

Rather than creating a copy, I studied the user flow and improved a key area—allowing the user to see the offer details without having to click through to a separate page first. This gives the Windows Phone veriosn of the app a much more pleasant user experience.

student beans - home
student beans - offer
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Mobile Web

mobile web - shortlist & stylist

I am an expert in mobile design, working with some of the largest brands in the world on their flagship sites.

I led the design for EA Sports when they wanted to move into the mobile space. Deadlines were tight, so I managed to create a template that allowed us to build a suite of sites extremely efficiently. I have worked on a number of mobile sites for P&G, most notably the full designs for Gillette Venus and Tide, along with consultation for numerous Covergirl and Olay campaign sites.

mobile web - meguiars
mobile web - venus
mobile web - covergirl
mobile web - zsl
mobile web - tide
mobile web - olay
mobile web - pantene

Vehicle Wraps

Graphic Design & print

monorail wrap

A selection of vehicle wraps I designed, laid out and applied during my time in the print industry.

I worked with a range of clients, from individual bespoke vehicle designs through to entire fleets that had to portray the company branding as specified in detailed guidelines.

transit van wrap
Eriks fleet wrap
horse & country wrap
Utter van wrap